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You are getting the BEST coffee ever, because :

Our score is 85.5 in the SCA (we are speciality coffee) 
Our coffee is 100% pesticide free
Our coffee is single origin from the volcanic mountains of the west coast of Mexico at 4,133 Ft above sea level 
You are buying straight from the producers, the coffee goes from the plant to your bag.
We protect the land 
Our coffee

Mexican coffee



 Mexico is one of the largest coffee-producing countries in the world. It holds the distinction of being the largest organic coffee producer, too.


Utopia Coffee is grown on the west coast of Mexico  about 4,000 ft above sea level where Arabica coffee is the main coffee produce in this region.

There is coffee, and then there is organic coffee. In order to be certified organic, an organic coffee farm has to follow specific regulations to guarantee that the farm adheres to organic farming practices, including using 100% organic fertilizer such as coffee pulp or general compost. 


Organic coffee has its own distinct characteristics:

  • aroma, which tells you how fresh the coffee is

  • flavor, is it earthy, spicy, nutty, fruity, etc.

  • sweetness, as opposed to being bitter or harsh

  • aftertaste, what are you tasting after you’ve swallowed the coffee

  • acidity, which gives all coffee its brightness and sparkle

You’ll find all of these elements blended to perfection in our coffee roasts.

Caffeine & Health


Independent research by scientists worldwide continues to link coffee to significant (and surprising) healthful properties.

Coffee has a naturally complex botanical profile, with at least 1,000 natural compounds in the bean (including caffeine) and another 300 created in the roasting process. Scientists have linked a number of them, including some strong antioxidants, with a host of physiological benefits.

Research has shown that moderate coffee consumption (or 3-5 cups daily) may be associated with many positive effects, including:

  • Liver disease prevention

  • Improved cognitive function in older adults

  • Sharper memory

  • Increased athletic endurance

  • Reduced risk of type 2 diabetes

  • Longevity

Due to the increasing scientific evidence, coffee has earned a new – and improved – reputation. The latest U.S. Dietary Guidelines recently made an unprecedented recommendation for coffee as part of a healthy lifestyle.